The Perfect Fringe Jacket

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Hello guys! Three days ago was the first anniversary of The Frugal Mix. So many things have changed in a year of blogging. I have to realize I haven't spent enough time working on my blog, but I am quite satisfied with the direction the blog is taking. In one year, I moved from the United States to Italy; I saw people walking in and out of my life; I temporarily had to suspend college; I had three different photographers; I learned the basics of "html" and internet marketing on my own; Who would have thought a year ago that I would have been in my house in Italy writing this post! I could have given up a long time ago because maybe I am not getting the results I wanted immediately, but I didn't. I have good expectations for this year! I will keep working hard because I know I will have my satisfactions in the end, my successful end. Cheers The Frugal Mix! To a new and exciting year!

White Fur in the Wind

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Hey Guys, Happy New Year! Wish you all a great 2015 with many opportunities on your way. I was not able to write a post during the holidays because here in Italy winter holidays take over a few weeks of your life starting from the 24th of December and ending around the 6th of January. It is not a secret that Italians love to celebrate: any day is an opportunity to eat, laugh, drink, dance, and play card games. Well, as a perfect Italian, this is all I have done during the holidays! Today's post is about my fur coat (not real fur of course!!!) that in these days of winter is perfect for a casual, comfy, chic look. 

The Camel Coat is a Must

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Today's article is about a must for this season. It is the perfect classic match for so many outfits. It is an evergreen piece that gives that classy/casual final touch to any style. It is a piece that you definitely want in your wardrobe this year. You all know what I am talking about, right? The camel coat. I got mine a few weeks ago and I could not wait to share it with you guys (and I bought it for only 59 euros!). I paired it with a vintage top, leather shorts and my favorite boots! What do you guys think?

Feel the Night!

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The night is like a magnifier: everything seems bigger, everything seems more valuable. When the dark comes down, what is good feels better and what is bad feels worse. Affection turns into love, anger into hatred, beauty into perfection, passion into obsession, bad mood into depression... 
Our thoughts become louder to the point where we cannot ignore them like we do during the day while absorbed by our practical life. We begin perceiving surroundings and ourselves ten times better than usual, which makes us more sensitive to stronger emotions, which makes us more alive.
So, if at night, you feel angry, you feel depressed, you think you desperately need something or someone, you feel your obsessions pressuring you, you think things are all against you, STOP! Maybe you are over-perceiving the situation. Maybe what you feel is only under the magnifier: it looks big but it is only an illusion. Just hold on a few more hours and it's morning again!

Spotted at the Supermarket!

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Hey guys! My look for today is a casual chic one. The main focus is definitely on the long cardigan, which is making my winter in Italy way easier. Besides the cardigan, the outfit is very simple: a black oversized T-shirt and a lace pencil skirt with black and silver slippers. To finish up I decided to wear a black hat and an embellished clutch.

At the Park

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As I feel Fall coming, I walk towards it. I love the park in this season: no crowd and just enough people to make you feel part of a larger prospective in your isolated world. I have a new photographer, an old friend of mine, who has made me really happy with her first photos. For this post I picked a casual, comfy, yet chic outfit in two fresh colors to say goodbye to the sunny days. As always, there is a vintage piece. Can you guess which one?

Black & White Inspiration - A New Platform

Life is Full of Colour

"[...] it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst [...]" (American Beauty, 1999)

What a great quote for a great movie. You all know what I’m talking about, right? Take these graffiti. They are art, thoughts, and beauty publicly put out there. Back at the time when frescos were populating our churches and palaces, these graffiti would have been considered fine art. Back at the time when posters were the new art trend, these graffiti would have meant something. But now, they are a type of vandalism.

"Fashion comes and goes, but style is Forever" (YSL)

We all know how expensive clothes could be, especially for those who always want to display the latest trends. I am one of them. The problem is: how much money can I really spend on clothing? Definitely not that much considering all other expenses of life (college, food, phone, nights-out, social...). The point is fashion will always keep rolling forward and if we buy new clothes every time a trend changes, we will most likely end up broke. Well, I found a solution to this: my mom's wardrobe. 

I Went to the Beach!

What I really enjoy about my blog is telling stories through photos. Each post has its own beginning, body, and end. Today's post is about the day I went to the beach, walked barefoot on the sand, played like a little kid in the water, and most of all enjoyed the last days of summer. Today's post is all about the colour blue and all its shades that bring us back to the heavenly sense of a carefree relax. In this regard, I decided to be part of this small piece of heaven by wearing a blue dress and gold sunglasses. Hope you enjoy!